Wheat berries with Paris mushrooms

Wheat berries are hearty, chewy and delicious. Combination of the grains and mushrooms is simply terrific. Hope you enjoy this easy vegan dish.


Grilled eggplant salad


Grilled eggplant salad is probably my favorite way to prepare this vegetable. I really love the smoky taste of it. You can add more ingredients into it. For example finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, tahini or sprinkle with grilled pine nuts. Lovely served with fresh warm pita bread.


Holiday vanilla cookies


Holiday vanilla cookies are very easy and fast recipe. Very favorite in my native country. There is no home who would not prepare these cookies for a Christmas. I really love them. First of all the taste brings me straight back to my childhood second of all they are really delicious. Hope you would like as much as I do.


Delicious vegan stuffed tomatos


Vegan stuffed tomatoes are such an ideal meal for cold days. I have tried a few versions, but this one is really my favorite. The filling is simply delicious and can be used with another vegetables as zucchini, potatoes, peppers or pumpkin. This recipe takes a little time to prepare, but if you make a bigger quantity you can freeze part of it for the next time. So let’s get started ;).


Autumn marble cake -Babovka

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Marble cake or “Babovka” in my native language is a classic childhood baking memory. I really love this recipe, especially in autumn. It’s really fun to prepare this cake with your children, they always love to participate and lick the wooden spoon :). I used for this recipe light spelt flour because is very low in gluten. You can also easily convert into a vegan cake by using plant milk of your choice. Wish you a great baking.


Plum chia seeds jam with figs and star anise

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Oh yes, autumn’s here. Till now we are very spoiled with a nice weather in Paris. Real Indian summer. I’m totally in love with the autumn harvest. So many choices of fruits and vegetables on the market….Foodie’s heaven <3. One of the fruits that I really love in autumn is plums. When I say plums I have immediately lots of memories coming up in my mind: plum harvest at my parents garden and then delicious cake baking with my mom, I can’t even describe the amazing smell of it all over the house. Plum chia seeds jam is a modern version of my grandma’s classical plum jam recipe which dates about 100 years. Can you imagine? She would always put inside the star anise to give a nice taste to it. She would also put some Brandy in a few airtight containers. You know, in my homeland the winter can be really tough :). Hope you will like and enjoy this version.


Grilled fennel with black olives and capers

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This recipe is a really nice option how to prepare a delicious main dish with fennel. I got inspired by an incredible chef Yotam Ottolenghi, really love his way of cooking. Very nice with any kind of rice or quinoa. Bon appetit!


Beet salad with figs and greek yogurt


Hello, everybody. I hope that all of you enjoyed or still enjoying your holidays. After the summer vacations, I’m finally back to my blog. Couldn’t wait to bring you new recipes. This one is definitely inspired by our holidays in Greece. Fresh beetroot salad with figs is incredibly surprising. The mixture of beetroots with pine nuts, hazelnuts, and figs is really delicious and what I love the most about it is the mixture with a greek yogurt. Gives lovely fresh, silky and creamy taste to it. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do<3.


Restaurant Klimatis Kefalonia island

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Holidays!!!!! So needed, can’t wait to swim in a warm sea, enjoy the family, the sun, eat delicious local dishes, discover new recipes and do all that makes the holidays just perfect. This post is dedicated to the Restaurant Klimatis that I fell in love last year. If you ever find yourself in Greece on a paradisiac island called Kefalonia you have to try it. It’s such a lovely place run┬áby a Greek family with own organic garden. This place is simple, calm, green and the food is a heaven. So many vegan and vegetarian dishes to die for. Wish you all beautiful holidays <3


Artichoke heart salad


Yes, I really love artichokes. Cooked, fried, warm, cold and if I could I would possibly make a cake out of it :). Artichoke heart salad is one of my favourites. I prepare very often as a starter. It’s delicious and easy. The only thing that takes a little time is to remove the leaves to obtain the artichoke heart, but with patience and good music on is no problem. After all after effort comes comfort :). Bon Appetit.