La vie en rose smoothie


La vie en rose is a really delicious smoothie. The mixture of raspberries, lychee’s and rose water is an incredible combination that can be easily used as a base for cake filling. Enjoy…


Watermelon strawberry vanilla sunset smoothie


Hot hot in Paris at this moment. City people, let’s take a 5 minutes, slow down and listen to this song together  imagine to be sitting on your favorite beach, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling good and relaxed and drinking this refreshing delicious smoothie with the same color as the sky. The combination of watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla is perfect for very hot days. An excellent way to get the natural sugar boost and hydrate your body from inside.


Homemade coconut milk


I use to buy non-dairy milk in my health food store, because I thought to make one at home would be complicated process. But one day, I tasted fresh homemade almond milk. It was so delicious that I finally decided to try to make one at home. Then I discovered how easy it is. My personal favorite non-dairy milk is coconut and almond milk. You can use for smoothies, porridge, baking, or just drink it.


Smoothie a la libanaise


I am trying to make smoothies or fresh juices almost every day…Often we drink smoothies instead of eating desserts after lunch, and fresh pressed juices are often part of our breakfast. Today I made “The Classic Banana – Strawberry smoothie”, but decided at the last minute to add a few drops of rose water that I tested a few days before in a Lebanese restaurant in special lemonade preparation! The result was just amazing! It completely changed the taste of this classic smoothie with a delicious feel of rose nectar! It’s really lovely spring flowery drink.