Vegan double chocolate cookies


Voulez-vous manger un gateau? As I said on my Instagram profile I have no words for the deliciousness of this cookies. Only one thing I can say:
I have to make another tray today :))). All is gone. But sssstttttt…no words, just taste and you tell me ;)))


Petit parisienne vegan strawberry almond mini muffins


Yesterday my little baby girl was eating strawberries, she smelled delicious like little cake, it gives me an idea to make little strawberry muffins. It’s an easy and lovely recipe. You will not regret to make it. Fresh strawberries and mint leaves on the top gives really nice and fresh taste to it. 


Vegan hazelnut chocolate cookies


Today I took my kids for a picnic in the park, but what should I prepare? I wanted nice and healthy snack that does not take too much time to make. Finally, I made delicious gluten free cookies. Took me 15 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to bake. They are not only fantastic snack, they are also great for breakfast….huuummm just had few :)