Vegan chocolate berry cake


Vegan chocolate berry cake is my favorite guilt free cake so far. I have been working on this recipe at least for two months to get the right combination of ingredients. The result is surprising. My non-vegan husband told me: Wow, this tastes like chocolate fondant cake. He couldn’t believe that he is actually eating vegan cake. Yes!!! Also perfect solution for snack, breakfast or party cake for the children.


Vitamin rich winter breakfast


For me, a breakfast is such an important meal of the day. After all night fasting I always start my day with warm lemon water. Sometimes especially in the winter, I add manuka or rosemary honey. Then I wait 20 minutes before starting to eat. At the moment, I’m totally in love with Vitamin rich winter breakfast. It’s light, but so rich in the same time. I like to add seasonal fruits on the top and eat some almonds apart. Gives me always a good kick for the day, I never feel tired after. Real cereal killer :). Have a great one <3


Chia seeds pudding with acai raspberry coulis


As much I love a warm milky oatmeal porridge in the winter, I really like fresh Chia seed pudding during warm days for a breakfast. It’s an excellent way to start a day. I call this recipe ‘Baiser’ (it means kiss in French) because the taste of this pudding is so fresh, sweet, soft and delicious like an early morning kiss.


Petit parisienne vegan strawberry almond mini muffins


Yesterday my little baby girl was eating strawberries, she smelled delicious like little cake, it gives me an idea to make little strawberry muffins. It’s an easy and lovely recipe. You will not regret to make it. Fresh strawberries and mint leaves on the top gives really nice and fresh taste to it.