Vegan chocolate berry cake


Vegan chocolate berry cake is my favorite guilt free cake so far. I have been working on this recipe at least for two months to get the right combination of ingredients. The result is surprising. My non-vegan husband told me: Wow, this tastes like chocolate fondant cake. He couldn’t believe that he is actually eating vegan cake. Yes!!! Also perfect solution for snack, breakfast or party cake for the children.


Holiday vanilla cookies


Holiday vanilla cookies are very easy and fast recipe. Very favorite in my native country. There is no home who would not prepare these cookies for a Christmas. I really love them. First of all the taste brings me straight back to my childhood second of all they are really delicious. Hope you would like as much as I do.


Autumn marble cake -Babovka

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Marble cake or “Babovka” in my native language is a classic childhood baking memory. I really love this recipe, especially in autumn. It’s really fun to prepare this cake with your children, they always love to participate and lick the wooden spoon :). I used for this recipe light spelt flour because is very low in gluten. You can also easily convert into a vegan cake by using plant milk of your choice. Wish you a great baking.


Vegan chocolate berry tartlet


Vegan chocolate berry tartlet is a very easy, fast and guilt free recipe. I really love the combination of grilled hazelnuts with a pistachio paste and chocolate-berries. My little son was getting really crazy about it, asking me mummy I want more and more….pleeeeease :). He made me so happy that I did not even care about chocolate fingerprints all over the table :)


Vegan double chocolate cookies


Voulez-vous manger un gateau? As I said on my Instagram profile I have no words for the deliciousness of this cookies. Only one thing I can say:
I have to make another tray today :))). All is gone. But sssstttttt…no words, just taste and you tell me ;)))


Bohemian vanilla cookies with chocolate filling


This recipe is very typical Christmas recipe from Czech Republic.  I modified slightly the ingredients, less sugar, no eggs ;) and chocolate filling instead of jam. The jam version is excellent as well you can try to make a healthy version of a jam if you feel like http://www.oh with frozen berries in this season to  replace the chocolate filling. I really love these cookies, they are simple and delicious. So good with a cup of Roiboos tea. Wish you great baking and mainly wish you beautiful winter holidays. Peace and love from Paris to all of you


Chocolate coconut truffles with ginger and orange flavor


Chocolate coconut truffles are not only an extremely delicious recipe, but also really fun to make because you can really play with the ingredients to make different flavors. I made mine with ginger, orange zest and few natural, no flavor. There are so many options that you can try to make this recipe original and up to your own taste. For example, you can add fresh mint, ground black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, lime or lemon zest. I call it guilt-free desert, because is really low in calories and sugar, still tastes heavenly <3.


Ellie’s chocolate roasted oranges



Late summer plum tart


Plum tart is really my favorite since I was a child. I got this delicious recipe from my mom. I have modified little bit few ingredients to make this tart less sweet and lighter. Excellent for cosy rainy afternoons with a nice cup of tea and little jazz…


Healthy ice cream


Summer = long sunny lazy days, feeling of freedom, watching shooting stars, the smell of a sun and salt on the skin, happy kids, sea, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, warm nights, mellow afternoons on the beach, and of course ICE CREAM! Oh yes, ice cream!  Goes really well with hot summer days. Refreshing, delicious, sweet, hmmmm. I created healthy, guilt free ice cream for adults and  kids. Very easy, you just have to freeze your fruits and to press the button on your blender :)… and enjoy….Great song to put you in summer, ice cream mood ( ).