Restaurant Klimatis Kefalonia island

Travels | 14 July 2016 | By


Holidays!!!!! So needed, can’t wait to swim in a warm sea, enjoy the family, the sun, eat delicious local dishes, discover new recipes and do all that makes the holidays just perfect. This post is dedicated to the Restaurant Klimatis that I fell in love last year. If you ever find yourself in Greece on a paradisiac island called Kefalonia you have to try it. It’s such a lovely place run¬†by a Greek family with own organic garden. This place is simple, calm, green and the food is a heaven. So many vegan and vegetarian dishes to die for. Wish you all beautiful holidays <3


US healthy restaurant guide

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I’m really happy to share nice addresses of lovely restaurants in New York, LA, and Miami with you. I got all of them from our friends who lives there, before our trip to U.S. ¬†Without you guys I would probably end up eating carrot all the time :))). Feels so good to arrive somewhere and have a nice tips where to go to eat healthy, organic, homemade, vegan or vegetarian and delicious food. All these places are foodies heaven. You eat so well without feeling heavy after, contrary, it gives you so much energy that you can rock all day long even with tremendous jet leg :). Hope this tiny healthy guide can help you little bit <3.


Ibiza healthy restaurant guide

Ibiza, Travels | 22 June 2015 | By


Wow, finally I have finished this article, I wrote it and rewrote it so many times, and I think if I would have continued to make this article as I wanted to, it would end up being at least 20 pages, and that was not my goal. My goal is to bring you with me to my favorite restaurants on this magnificent island. Each restaurant is linked to my memories and has its own story for me…


Why I like eating in London?


London? This city is rocking! I still keep good feeling after this short trip. So great to go back there last weekend with my family. Londoners are so polite and helpful. The city center is very clean, easy to get around and very child friendly. I always loved the gardens and parks over there, they are just everywhere and they are so beautiful, it brings balance to such a big city!