Plum chia seeds jam with figs and star anise

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Oh yes, autumn’s here. Till now we are very spoiled with a nice weather in Paris. Real Indian summer. I’m totally in love with the autumn harvest. So many choices of fruits and vegetables on the market….Foodie’s heaven <3. One of the fruits that I really love in autumn is plums. When I say plums I have immediately lots of memories coming up in my mind: plum harvest at my parents garden and then delicious cake baking with my mom, I can’t even describe the amazing smell of it all over the house. Plum chia seeds jam is a modern version of my grandma’s classical plum jam recipe which dates about 100 years. Can you imagine? She would always put inside the star anise to give a nice taste to it. She would also put some Brandy in a few airtight containers. You know, in my homeland the winter can be really tough :). Hope you will like and enjoy this version.


Chia strawberry almond pomegranate jam

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It’s funny because I did not think to post this recipe, but when the jam was finished and I taste it, I said to myself, it would be really a pity not to share it with you. I really like strawberries and almonds, they make delicious mix together and a little touch of pomegranate gives a fresh and crispy feel to it. It’s lovely over the pancakes, waffles and bread. But also nice for making nice raw or baked desserts.