Delicious vegan stuffed tomatos


Vegan stuffed tomatoes are such an ideal meal for cold days. I have tried a few versions, but this one is really my favorite. The filling is simply delicious and can be used with another vegetables as zucchini, potatoes, peppers or pumpkin. This recipe takes a little time to prepare, but if you make a bigger quantity you can freeze part of it for the next time. So let’s get started ;).


Black rice noodles Asian style


I know, I know I was absent for a little while. But I have an excuse (even those I don’t like excuses). I had a big list of recipes I really want to post on the blog, but before I post something I always need confirmation to see what people think about the taste, texture, mixture. I have organized a few recipe tasting dinners with our friends and family to know what they like the best. And now here I’m again with a new recipe. This time is vegan and gluten free delight. Very easy to prepare and yet really delicious and light. Now is only up to you to taste it and let me know what you think about it. Tons of love from Paris


Vegetarian mushroom meatballs with artichoke sauce


Vegetarian mushroom meatballs is a very interesting recipe. Takes a little time to prepare due to cleaning and chopping mushrooms and artichokes, but is really worth it. You can serve with black or red rice, quinoa or potatoes.


Vegan garden vegetable tagine


This first autumn recipe just came out in a beautiful magazine for children in the Czech Republic. When magazine Raketa called me that they would like me to prepare recipes for the autumn issue I knew immediately that one of the recipes will be “vegan vegetable tagine”. My all family really loves it. Especially when gets really cold outside. I always prepare a lot, like this we can enjoy it over the weekend <3