Vegan chocolate berry cake


Vegan chocolate berry cake is my favorite guilt free cake so far. I have been working on this recipe at least for two months to get the right combination of ingredients. The result is surprising. My non-vegan husband told me: Wow, this tastes like chocolate fondant cake. He couldn’t believe that he is actually eating vegan cake. Yes!!! Also perfect solution for snack, breakfast or party cake for the children.


Grilled eggplant salad


Grilled eggplant salad is probably my favorite way to prepare this vegetable. I really love the smoky taste of it. You can add more ingredients into it. For example finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, tahini or sprinkle with grilled pine nuts. Lovely served with fresh warm pita bread.


Super healthy cauliflower tabbouleh


Sometimes a recipe is so easy that I’m saying to myself: should I really post it? But this one is really worth it. Cauliflower tabbouleh is an excellent version of a raw, light and healthy salad. I added chia seeds, hemp seeds and used gomashio instead of salt, which gives an important upgrade to the nutritional value. Wish you excellent degustation.


Vegan hokkaido pumpkin soup


This recipe is mostly dedicated to the children (but not only). My kids are completely in love with this soup, I think, is because it tastes a little sweet and the texture is lovely and creamy, without being heavy. I have been asked last week twice if I could make this soup, so I really have to share it with you too. Hope your children will enjoy as much as mine <3


Late summer plum tart


Plum tart is really my favorite since I was a child. I got this delicious recipe from my mom. I have modified little bit few ingredients to make this tart less sweet and lighter. Excellent for cosy rainy afternoons with a nice cup of tea and little jazz…


Fresh summer salad made in Prague


All started by shopping in local farmers markets in Prague. This place is like a Garden of Eden, large choice of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. All is fresh, coloful and beautiful. I came back to my parents house with a biiiiiggg shopping and started to prepare the dinner for my family. I already knew that I want to make this salad, it’s my favorite, real celebration of a summer, fresh, sweet, spicy and slightly acid in the same time. You really have to try it and let me know how you liked it <3


Healthy ice cream


Summer = long sunny lazy days, feeling of freedom, watching shooting stars, the smell of a sun and salt on the skin, happy kids, sea, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, warm nights, mellow afternoons on the beach, and of course ICE CREAM! Oh yes, ice cream!  Goes really well with hot summer days. Refreshing, delicious, sweet, hmmmm. I created healthy, guilt free ice cream for adults and  kids. Very easy, you just have to freeze your fruits and to press the button on your blender :)… and enjoy….Great song to put you in summer, ice cream mood ( ). 


Watermelon strawberry vanilla sunset smoothie


Hot hot in Paris at this moment. City people, let’s take a 5 minutes, slow down and listen to this song together  imagine to be sitting on your favorite beach, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling good and relaxed and drinking this refreshing delicious smoothie with the same color as the sky. The combination of watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla is perfect for very hot days. An excellent way to get the natural sugar boost and hydrate your body from inside.


Vegan leek celery veloutè with hemp seed and spirulina


I’m making a vegan leek celery veloute very often, especially in the winter or during the cold days. All my family really loves it. It’s a creamy veloutè without being heavy, very easy to digest and very easy to prepare. The taste is soft and lovely. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. And if  you want to make it healthier you can add hemp seed and spirulina in it. Bon Appetit.


Petit parisienne vegan strawberry almond mini muffins


Yesterday my little baby girl was eating strawberries, she smelled delicious like little cake, it gives me an idea to make little strawberry muffins. It’s an easy and lovely recipe. You will not regret to make it. Fresh strawberries and mint leaves on the top gives really nice and fresh taste to it.