Grilled eggplant salad


Grilled eggplant salad is probably my favorite way to prepare this vegetable. I really love the smoky taste of it. You can add more ingredients into it. For example finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, tahini or sprinkle with grilled pine nuts. Lovely served with fresh warm pita bread.


Beet salad with figs and greek yogurt


Hello, everybody. I hope that all of you enjoyed or still enjoying your holidays. After the summer vacations, I’m finally back to my blog. Couldn’t wait to bring you new recipes. This one is definitely inspired by our holidays in Greece. Fresh beetroot salad with figs is incredibly surprising. The mixture of beetroots with pine nuts, hazelnuts, and figs is really delicious and what I love the most about it is the mixture with a greek yogurt. Gives lovely fresh, silky and creamy taste to it. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do<3.


Artichoke heart salad


Yes, I really love artichokes. Cooked, fried, warm, cold and if I could I would possibly make a cake out of it :). Artichoke heart salad is one of my favourites. I prepare very often as a starter. It’s delicious and easy. The only thing that takes a little time is to remove the leaves to obtain the artichoke heart, but with patience and good music on is no problem. After all after effort comes comfort :). Bon Appetit.


Zucchini fennel banana salad


Lovely salad. I got extremely surprised about the taste and harmony of the mixture. Inspired by Epicerie generale, is an amazing place where I love to make my grocery. I have made few changes of the ingredients. Preparation is very fast and easy. The result is simply delicious. The only advice I would give: Be generous with a grilled pine nuts and almonds, they give an incredible taste to it. Je vous souhaite une très bonne dégustation.


Vegan chestnut pear veloute


I give myself a big challenge to make a vegan version of chestnut pear veloute (normally made with milk or cream). Replace a dairy product with vegetable milk or cream was not a solution. I would never obtain the taste that I was looking for. Finally, the key was to replace dairy products by a very strong homemade vegetable broth. And bingo…the taste is heaven. Some people think vegan food is tasteless, but I guarantee you vegan food can be a real gastronomy. Just give a try ;)


Beetroot salad with raspberry dressing


Happy New Year to all of you. Wish you an amazing year made of delicious ingredients. Let’s start with the first recipe of 2016 “Beetroot salad with raspberry dressing”. This salad is incredibly surprising. I can’t get enough of it. The mixture of sweet, sour, salty and yet deliciously cheesy get’s you really close to real gastronomy <3. Please enjoy the taste :).


Super healthy cauliflower tabbouleh


Sometimes a recipe is so easy that I’m saying to myself: should I really post it? But this one is really worth it. Cauliflower tabbouleh is an excellent version of a raw, light and healthy salad. I added chia seeds, hemp seeds and used gomashio instead of salt, which gives an important upgrade to the nutritional value. Wish you excellent degustation.


Vegan hokkaido pumpkin soup


This recipe is mostly dedicated to the children (but not only). My kids are completely in love with this soup, I think, is because it tastes a little sweet and the texture is lovely and creamy, without being heavy. I have been asked last week twice if I could make this soup, so I really have to share it with you too. Hope your children will enjoy as much as mine <3


Fresh summer salad made in Prague


All started by shopping in local farmers markets in Prague. This place is like a Garden of Eden, large choice of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. All is fresh, coloful and beautiful. I came back to my parents house with a biiiiiggg shopping and started to prepare the dinner for my family. I already knew that I want to make this salad, it’s my favorite, real celebration of a summer, fresh, sweet, spicy and slightly acid in the same time. You really have to try it and let me know how you liked it <3


Vegan leek celery veloutè with hemp seed and spirulina


I’m making a vegan leek celery veloute very often, especially in the winter or during the cold days. All my family really loves it. It’s a creamy veloutè without being heavy, very easy to digest and very easy to prepare. The taste is soft and lovely. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. And if  you want to make it healthier you can add hemp seed and spirulina in it. Bon Appetit.