Grilled eggplant salad


Grilled eggplant salad is probably my favorite way to prepare this vegetable. I really love the smoky taste of it. You can add more ingredients into it. For example finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, tahini or sprinkle with grilled pine nuts. Lovely served with fresh warm pita bread.


-2 large eggplants
-1 clove of garlic (optional)
-1 lemon, juiced
-handful coriander
-sea salt
-virgin olive oil

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Cut ends of eggplants and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Roast for about 1 hour until very tender and start to caramelize. Turnover side to side every 10 minutes or so. Remove from the oven and cool slightly. Scoop the soft flesh out with a large spoon. Place the eggplant with coriander, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and garlic into food processor and mix for about 40 seconds. Place your salad for 2 hours in a refrigerator. Serve with fresh pita or fresh bread.



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    30 March 2017

    Dear Petra,
    I made your dish and yes, it is delicious!!! BUT…. not having a food processor, I put it in a blender… so instead of eggplant salad I made eggplant velouté soup

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      Petra Ganem
      1 May 2017

      Thank you so much Jitka for trying eggplant salad recipe I mean veloute soup in your case :). Don’t blend too long next time. 2-3 sec.maximum…

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