About Me


My name is Petra. I’m originally from Prague, but since 17 years I have been living in Paris, and I have two small children.

Why and what?

I have always been passionate about healthy cooking. I became a vegetarian at the age of 18.

I used to model, a job that gave me the opportunity to travel to various countries, which gave me the chance to taste many amazing vegetarian dishes from different cultures that truly inspired me.

When I was a child my parents were always using homegrown products from our garden at our country house. I was picking the fruits and vegetables and my mom would make them into delicious dishes, like jams and other homemade goodies. One should know that my parents are true health food pioneers. They have been juicing fruits and vegetables since I was very young, and there were plenty of books about healthy eating at home that I would read, so I think my passion for ‘clean’ and healthy living comes from there.

At the moment when I became a mother, my need for healthy cooking became even stronger, because I wanted to give my children the best food products possible, giving them what my parents had given me. I started to study the nutritional value of different foods, with the goal of creating the most delicious and healthy recipes, and I want my recipes to be simple, easy, and as pure as possible. Also, when I cook, my family and friends are my greatest inspiration, and I truly love to spoil them with the foods that I prepare.

Many times I have been told: I want to eat healthy, but I don’t know what to buy and how to cook it, so I will try to help out and give you some nice tips, to inspire you and for you to inspire me, with the most healthy and delicious foods, one could ever dream to be possible.

Randomly about me

              • Dreamer
              • Sign: Cancer ascendant Lion
              • My favorite places in the World: Ibiza, Greek islands, Japan, Provence, California, Prague and Paris.
              • Favorite cooking quote “Love is my secret ingredient” “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”
              • Big fan of kids, yoga, hiking, biking, sleeping, sea, nature, sun, art, music, photography and of course creating new recipes
              • Dreaming to have my own organic garden
              • Really love shapes and colors of fruits and vegetables, they are so beautiful and inspiring.
              • English is not my native language so please excuse my spelling, but I will do my best




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    27 July 2016

    Bonjour Petra,

    Je suis très heureurse de te retrouver, je te félicite pour ton blog BRAVO
    Je t’embrasse et j’espère à très bientôt.
    Gros bisous
    Clarisse Hieraix

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      Petra Ganem
      2 September 2016

      Merci ma Clarisse adoree, congratulations for your amazing success, so proud of you, let’s try to catch up for a drink, big big kiss

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