Delicious okra stew


Okra stew, it’s such a lovely vegan side dish. I don’t make often enough (very difficult to find in Paris), so I was triple happy when my husband brought a big paper bag full of organic okra last week. Every time okra at home I cook it this way. Very simple recipe, easy to make. Will take you a maximum 20 minutes to prepare and about 40 minutes to cook. Very nice with different kinds of rice or cooked potatoes. Hope you’ll like it as much as we do.


Vegan chocolate berry tartlet


Vegan chocolate berry tartlet is a very easy, fast and guilt free recipe. I really love the combination of grilled hazelnuts with a pistachio paste and chocolate-berries. My little son was getting really crazy about it, asking me mummy I want more and more….pleeeeease :). He made me so happy that I did not even care about chocolate fingerprints all over the table :)


Black rice noodles Asian style


I know, I know I was absent for a little while. But I have an excuse (even those I don’t like excuses). I had a big list of recipes I really want to post on the blog, but before I post something I always need confirmation to see what people think about the taste, texture, mixture. I have organized a few recipe tasting dinners with our friends and family to know what they like the best. And now here I’m again with a new recipe. This time is vegan and gluten free delight. Very easy to prepare and yet really delicious and light. Now is only up to you to taste it and let me know what you think about it. Tons of love from Paris


Vegetarian mushroom meatballs with artichoke sauce


Vegetarian mushroom meatballs is a very interesting recipe. Takes a little time to prepare due to cleaning and chopping mushrooms and artichokes, but is really worth it. You can serve with black or red rice, quinoa or potatoes.


Zucchini fennel banana salad


Lovely salad. I got extremely surprised about the taste and harmony of the mixture. Inspired by Epicerie generale, is an amazing place where I love to make my grocery. I have made few changes of the ingredients. Preparation is very fast and easy. The result is simply delicious. The only advice I would give: Be generous with a grilled pine nuts and almonds, they give an incredible taste to it. Je vous souhaite une très bonne dégustation.


Vegan double chocolate cookies


Voulez-vous manger un gateau? As I said on my Instagram profile I have no words for the deliciousness of this cookies. Only one thing I can say:
I have to make another tray today :))). All is gone. But sssstttttt…no words, just taste and you tell me ;)))


Vitamin rich winter breakfast


For me, a breakfast is such an important meal of the day. After all night fasting I always start my day with warm lemon water. Sometimes especially in the winter, I add manuka or rosemary honey. Then I wait 20 minutes before starting to eat. At the moment, I’m totally in love with Vitamin rich winter breakfast. It’s light, but so rich in the same time. I like to add seasonal fruits on the top and eat some almonds apart. Gives me always a good kick for the day, I never feel tired after. Real cereal killer :). Have a great one <3


Vegan chestnut pear veloute


I give myself a big challenge to make a vegan version of chestnut pear veloute (normally made with milk or cream). Replace a dairy product with vegetable milk or cream was not a solution. I would never obtain the taste that I was looking for. Finally, the key was to replace dairy products by a very strong homemade vegetable broth. And bingo…the taste is heaven. Some people think vegan food is tasteless, but I guarantee you vegan food can be a real gastronomy. Just give a try ;)


Beetroot salad with raspberry dressing


Happy New Year to all of you. Wish you an amazing year made of delicious ingredients. Let’s start with the first recipe of 2016 “Beetroot salad with raspberry dressing”. This salad is incredibly surprising. I can’t get enough of it. The mixture of sweet, sour, salty and yet deliciously cheesy get’s you really close to real gastronomy <3. Please enjoy the taste :).


Bohemian vanilla cookies with chocolate filling


This recipe is very typical Christmas recipe from Czech Republic.  I modified slightly the ingredients, less sugar, no eggs ;) and chocolate filling instead of jam. The jam version is excellent as well you can try to make a healthy version of a jam if you feel like http://www.oh with frozen berries in this season to  replace the chocolate filling. I really love these cookies, they are simple and delicious. So good with a cup of Roiboos tea. Wish you great baking and mainly wish you beautiful winter holidays. Peace and love from Paris to all of you